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Personality Pedagogy, a compendium of resources for teaching personality psychology, was founded in 2006. These resources include annotated high-quality links to assignments, exercises, activities, case studies, electronic texts, examples, illustrations, lectures, lecture notes, slide presentations, research labs, audio and visual resources and the largest selection of legitimate personality tests available on the web. For any given topic the most useful links are provided, rather than an exhaustive set of links. Your comments and inputs are welcomed.


Beyond Rote Memorization: New Ways to Use Flashcards to Learn, Remember, and Understand Concepts by Mark Mitchell and Janina Jolley of Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Students often use flashcards, but they often do not use them effectively. This Powerpoint shows students how to make and study flashcards effectively. Instructors can use this Powerpoint as a presentation or they can assign it to students as a tutorial. If used as a tutorial, professors can have students print out a results page that will tell professors how long students spent on the tutorial and how well they did on a quiz over the tutorial. Requires PowerPoint 2010 or later and, when prompted, users should choose to enable macros.

Download the slide presentation by clicking here: flashcards


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