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1. Self-Determination Theory

According to the website: This website presents a brief overview of SDT and provides resources that address important issue such as human needs, values, intrinsic motivation, development, motivation across cultures, individual differences, and psychological well-being. Also addressed are the applications of Self-Determination Theory to: education, organizations, health care, sport & exercise, parenting, and mental health.” Includes bibliography, downloadable questionnaires, and articles in PDF format.

2. Self-Determination Theory and Exercise Psychology

This site focuses on the application of self-determination theory to exercise and physical activity. Includes an overview of the theory (with examples of the 4 kinds of motivation written as mini case studies) and how environments can be structured to meet people’s need so that they feel motivated do engage in physical activities.

3. Seven Tips for Giving Effective Praise

Gretchen Rubin distills much of the research on praise to these 7 tips including be specific, be sincere, and more, in this article from Psych Central.

4. The Psychology of Motivation Explained (in under 300 words)

According to Jeremy Dean of “PsyBlog”, the way to “harness the power of self-guiding, internal motivation” is to look for competence, autonomy, and relatedness in any activity. Read his succinct summary of the self-determination theory of motivation and engagement here.

From: Miserandino, M. (2012) Instructor’s Manual to Accompany Miserandino Personality Psychology 1/e. Boston, MA: Pearson.

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